O'Halloran Lab

Department of Biological Sciences and Institute for Neuroscience at The George Washington University


Sensory behavior in C. elegans


Damien O'Halloran

Lab PI, Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences

Reeham Motaher

Ph.D. candidate, Biological Sciences, 2015-Present

Vishal Sharma

Ph.D. candidate, Biological Sciences, 2012-Present

Katrin Bode

Research Assistant and Lab manager, 2014-Present

David Daniel

Undergraduate Researcher, 2014-2016

Julia Keegan

Undergraduate Researcher, Senior Hons Thesis, Biological Sciences Harlan Fellow, 2015-2016

Yoseph Aldras

Undergraduate Researcher, Senior Hons Thesis, Biological Sciences Harlan Fellow, 2013-2015

Chao He

Research Assistant and Lab manager, 2012-2015

Eric Brzozowski

Undergraduate Researcher, CCAS Luther Rice Fellow, 2012-13

Julian Sacca-Schaeffer

Undergraduate Researcher, Biological Sciences Harlan Fellow, 2012-2013

Zelda Mendelowitz

Undergraduate Researcher, Visiting Scholar, 2012



This course presents a broad description of the principles of neural development across invertebrate and vertebrate lineages. Spring course. 3 credits.


This course aims to introduce students to the cellular and molecular properties of neural circuits that form the basis of behavior. Fall course. 3 credits.


Undergraduate research seminar. Explores diverse research topics and methods. Fall and Spring course. 1 credit.

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